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Important Message for Provident Clients and Partners.

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

You would have, by now, seen a lot of coverage and commentary from the media in regards to the Royal Commission into Banking and Finance and there has been a particular focus on the Mortgage Broking Industry.

So, I think it is important that we comment on what it means for Provident Lending & Business Solutions and most importantly you the clients of and partners to our business.

First of all, we are open for business and will continue to be open for business, we continue to operate and service our clients, helping them achieve their Enjoy Factor, as we always have.

If you are presently working with us on an application for finance or have plans to in the future, our doors are open and we continue to work hard for you.

The second point is to reaffirm our stance of welcoming any regulatory change that strengthens customer protection and focus. We will work within the conditions and timeframes to enable this to be a positive change for all concerned.

One thing is for sure change is constant. Given all the change the finance industry has gone through and will continue to go through, we believe the value of a good mortgage broker has never been higher!

We make it our business to be across the changes of lending rules, regulations and differing policies and appetite from lender to lender. The reality is there is no one size fits all bank anymore and we are here to help you navigate this environment.

We will continue to take a cautiously optimistic view of regulatory change, be informed, measured and compliant, and, most importantly ensure our clients are always at the forefront of our service culture.

If you have any particular concerns or questions please call myself or any of our brokers to discuss.

Trent Carter


Provident Lending & Business Solutions .

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