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2018 Enjoy Factor - Nic & Rachel Lange

We purchased Galleria Podiatry in 2005, and have received fantastic support from Provident, particularly over the last 5 years. We have had invaluable assistance and advice from several departments of Provident including Insurance Services with Troy Hams, Business Coaching with Trent Carter, and Financial advice with Greg Neill. From the beginning they have all understood our business goals while also being sensitive to our family and life goals as we begin to plan our retirement strategy.

After 12 years owning our own business, leasing a premises in Morley, we knew it was time to take the plunge and purchase our own commercial property. Our first ports-of-call were Trent and Greg in regards to future planning and financing for the property. In August of 2016, with the assistance of Trent liaising with a number of lenders and guiding us through the approvals process, we purchased a property about 700m from our current location, which was perfect for our proposed development. In August 2017 demolition of the existing property begun and then construction of our brand new, purpose built podiatry practice begun in September 2017. The construction process was relatively smooth and the development was completed in March 2018. Greg has been heavily involved in creating the right business and company structures in order for us to transfer the property into our superannuation fund, which is the core of our retirement strategy. The business has grown rapidly since moving to our new location allowing us to employ two new staff, bringing our employee total to 12, with more likely in the near future.

Our Enjoy Factor is having a successful and profitable family business that is allowing us to achieve our life goals. Life balance in very important to us and the success of the business also allows us to spend quality time with our young family and enjoy the fruits of life.

The entire team at Provident have been instrumental in our success story, in particular Trent, Greg and Troy. We thank you for you assistance and look forward to continuing our relationship long into the future.

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